Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 63 Review

Inglot Refills are getting popular day by day because of the affordable price tag 
and huge shades available to choose from. I recently hauled from Inglot and 
bought some stuff and using it religiously. This lipstick is one of them, the number
is 68. You cannot judge the shade with the number and I think Inglot should come
up with names so that it becomes easier for the buyers, what say girls?

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill Shade 63

Price:  250 INR Per 1.2 gm refill

What Inglot Freedom system lipsticks 68 claims?
·         Colours and Shades: 90
·         1.2 g/0.05 US OZ

Shelf Life: 3 years

My experience with Inglot Freedom system lipsticks 68:
The refill comes in a round steel pan which doesn’t have a lid as these refills are 
supposed to be arranged in a palette. The pan comes in a transparent plastic 
packaging and on the back of the pan all the information like shade number,
manufacturing and expiring date is mentioned. The shade 68 is a pretty mauve
shade and I think it’s perfect for daily wear if  you like such shades. It doesn't 
have any shimmer which makes it ideal for college and office going ladies too.

The texture of the lipstick is super duper creamy and it glides easily on lips, 
you need to apply it with a lip brush. Due to its creamy texture it is very 
moisturizing and gives creamy matte finish. It is highly pigmented and one 
swipe is enough to cover pigmented lips. I usually wear it as lip tint and look
very natural like this.The texture is creamy but it is not like lip-gloss and doesn't
shine which is a plus point for me. The texture is creamy but it is not transferable
at all which is commendable as I have seen that creamy lipsticks transfer easily 
but it is not amongst those. It also doesn't settle in fine lines of lips and you do 
not need to apply a lip balm underneath it as it is moisturizing alone.

The price is also very decent but I think the priced is hiked now, not sure though. 
The staying power is also great and it stays for around 5 hours on me with slight 
meals in between without a lip primer. After 5 hours it leaves a nice tint behind 
which stays for 1 more hour. If you’re looking for a good mauve shade for everyday
look then this is worth trying.

  • Affordable and huge quantity
  • A very pretty mauve shade
  • The texture is creamy and thus it glides easily
  • Moisturizing so you do not need lip balm beneath
  • Not at all greasy or sticky
  • Doesn't settle in fine lines
  •  Not transferable
  •  Doesn't have any shimmer
  •   Can be applied as lip tint
  • Stays for 5 hours and then leaves a nice tint behind

  • Storing refill pans is little tough L

TBLP Rating:  4.8/5

Final Verdict: If you like the shades then go for it as the texture is super creamy and 
moisturizing. It doesn't have any shimmers which makes it ideal for daily use. 

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 63
Reviewed by Mansi Chauhan on Sep 01 2013
Rating: 4.8


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