How to make Tinted Lip Balm at Home

Hello everybody :)
We are celebrating TBLP’s birthday this week and I wanted to write some excited post
so I thought of doing a DIY. Lip balm is my best friend and if You dig in my hand bag 
right now you’ll get at least 3-4 lip balms :P. I don’t like sheer lip balms because of my 
pigmented lips so today I am going to show you how you can make tinted lip balm
 at home in just 10 minutes or even less. It’s super duper easy and safe too ;).

How to make Tinted Lip Balm at Home

Let’s get started.
Stuff you will need:

  1. ·         Old lipstick of your favorite shade
  2. ·         Vaseline
  3. ·         Matchstick
  4. ·         Candle
  5. ·         Thread
  6. ·         Spoon
  7. ·         Container to store the lip balm

Step 1: Cut a small piece of lipstick with the help of thread or you can cut it with
 knife also but be careful. J After cutting the lipstick piece place it in the middle of the

Step 2: Now heat the lipstick with the help of candle as shown in the images. Make 
sure you do not boil it; we only need to melt it so that we can mix Vaseline in it. After
 the lipstick melts,pour the liquid in the container.

Step 3: Now take Vaseline in the same spoon and add it into the liquid. You can also
 melt the Vaseline if you want but without melting also it get mixed easily. Keep mixing 
the mixture for 3-4 minutes and voilaaa….. Your lip balm is ready.

Clear the corners of the container with the help of q-tip. 
If you have melted Vaseline too, then store the lip balm in refrigerator for 15 minutes. 
Now the most important thing…. The staying power, the color stays for 3 hours on me
but my lips are moisturized for 2 more hours……..isn’t it commendable?? Lip balms 
don’t stay for that long but this did. :D

Do try it out and let me know how you find it in the comments section below. :D :D


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