How to apply Blush using Lipstick

I was never a blush person but after entering makeup world I tried blushes and since
then I am using blush. But sometimes it happen that you like your lipstick so much that
you wish you had same color blush with you…. That’s what happened with me. I own
Elle18 color burst lipstick in cherry kiss which is a very cute pink that will suit all skin
tones. I thought of applying it as a blush and today I’m sharing my technique with you. 

Take out your favorite lipsticks and follow the steps: :D

Step 1: Moisturize your skin, this step is really important as moisturizing helps in
increasing the staying power and it also helps in blending lipstick well. Always use
creams or lotions that have SPF so that you don't end up getting tanned.

How to apply Blush using Lipstick
Step 1

Step 2: After moisturizing, apply foundation and blend it completely. Now, your face is
ready to apply the blush…oops I mean lipstick.

Step 2

Step 3: Take your favorite lipstick that is not on the sheer side. Here, I am using “Elle
18 color pop lipstick in candy kiss” which is reviewed on TBLP already. I prefer using
pink blushes and that’s why I’m using pink lipstick, if you like brown blushes then go for
brown lipstick but make sure that the shade doesn't wash you out.

Step 3

Step 4: Now smile to locate your apples and dot lipstick with q-tip or fingers (make
sure you have sanitized your fingers before to avoid infection contamination). I have
applied more than usual dots so that they can photograph well, you can apply accordingly.

Step 4

Step 5: Now take a blush brush or you can even use your fingers (sanitized fingers
 I mean) and blend it in upwards direction. Keep smiling and blend it completely.

See the difference of cheeks in swatch below :

This blush stayed on me for 3 hours and after it left a light pink tint on my cheeks.
But usually I don’t apply it so dark and then it stays on me for about 1-1:30 hour
and leaves a tint behind.Staying power will vary according to the brand of lipstick,
so check the timing yourself. :)

I hope you enjoyed the DIY photo tutorial. Any query leave your comments below!! :)
P.S- “How to make cream blush with lipstick” This is my next diy idea! Want me to do
it or not? Share in comments :))

Article by - Mansi


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