DIY Best Homemade Face Scub

Now-a-days lots of scrub available in market with lots of chemical
composition, they consist of parabens and other harmful agent. 
Scrubbing is a important part for glowing and beautiful skin.
Only face wash and face packs are not enough to clean the
skin from underneath. 

You have to exfoliate the death and dry skin from your face to get
a glowy skin as well as it improves the complexion of your face.
Not only face exfoliating your face in moderation can make skin
brighter and softer.Buffing away dry, dead cells on your face will
reveal the fresh cells underneath

Homemade Face Scrub
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Scrub is important but scrubbing our body too. Our skin should
be exfoliated twice in a week.If you don’t scrub youface regularly
then blackhead and white head make your skin dull L.Once I 
have used Everyuth walnut face scrub but it didn't suit me.
So my mom told me about a home-made recipe, which is very 
easy to make and effective too, it makes skin clear and brings 
a facial glow to the skin. Most important  is that it can save your 
lots of money by which you can buy some other needful stuff. 

So read on to know more about  this fabulous recipe. :)

You will need:
  • CHANA DAL (Split Black Chick Pea)
  • Keep this mixture in an air tight container for future use.

White Rice

Split Black Chick Pea 

Red Lentil

DIY Homemade Scrub

Use it as a face scrub by mixing it with rose water only or with green tea. 
Scrub for one minute and wash off with warm water and apply some ice
cube on face to close all the pores.

Use it as a face scrub by mixing it with green tea or add some milk. 
Scrub for one minute.

Use it with milk cream or coconut milk as oily skin method above to
get a fair and glowing skin.

This scrub can be used regularly and you can substitute it with your
cleanser as it works both as a scrub and cleanser, also used it as a
body scrub too. This homemade scrub can be made in large batches
and stored in an air tight container and would last really long as you
Just need a spoonful to work wonders on your skin. With regular 
Usage you will just fall in love with it and would look up to no 
other scrub than this. Hope you enjoyed the recipe, if you have
a similar version or different do it and let us know in your 
Comments below!!!!

NOTE: - Don’t forget moisturizing after scrubbing. 

Article By - Deboshree


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