Biotique Bio-Bhringraj Oil Review

Bhringraj is one natural herb which is known be quite effective in treating hair loss and initiating new hair growth.Not only is it good to use it in powdered form as a hair mask but can be used as a hair oil too.
You will a find a huge range of Bhringraj oil available in the market but to choose the best amongst those is a tricky task.To confuse you more there are different varieties of oil like Bhringraj oil, Mahabhringraj oil, Neelbhringraj oil to name few.However in this post we would review Bhringraj oil from a very known and trusted brand Biotique. It is quite a popular product from their brand and am sure most of you would be aware of it and would have tried or are tempted to try it soon.

If you wanna know more about Bhringraj herb and its varied benefits to healthy hair please refer to our previous post 3 Natural herbs for hair growth and thick long hair.

Biotique Bio - Bhringraj Oil

Price - INR 159 for 120 ml.

It Contains - Bhringraj(Eclipta erecta) 6ml, Amla(Emblica officinalis) 4ml, Tesu(Butea frondosa) 4.5ml, Mulethi(Glycyrrhiza) 3.5ml, Brahmi(Hydrocotyle asiatica) 5ml, Goa Dugdha(Cow milk) 50ml, Aja Dugdha(Goat milk) 50ml.

What Product Says -  Bhringraj is an ancient herb rich in proteins,used for centuries to prevent hair loss and graying. This intensive formula features pure bhringraj, tesu,amla and centella blended with coconut oil and the healthfulness of goat milk to help treat alopecia and other causes of hair loss.Nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair strands to encourage fresh growth and diminish graying.
To Use - Apply liberally to dry hair and scalp.Massage in gently with circular motions.Leave on for half an hour.Rinse well with water.

My Take on Bio- Bhringraj - This oil is quite light in texture and will not give a greasy feel on application,also it is light,transparent yellow colored oil with a pleasant fragrance with is very soothing and calming.What i liked most was that it did help with hair fall within 2 weeks of its use,quite impressing though.However, it be too premature to say whether it can help with new hair growth as any hair tonic would take few weeks or month to show considerable effect.
Else apart from that a very effective hair fall remedy,it is mentioned to use it for half an hour before washing your hair but i like to keep it overnight and applying it on cleansed scalp and warm.Make sure for any treatment to work well your scalp should be clean to show its effects else it may clog your scalp pores and cause further hair fall and other problems.This suits quite well on oily scalp as it tends to dries out scalp little,now I am not sure if it's good for dry scalp too.Also it takes just two washes to clear out the oil from hair and scalp unlike other heavy oils.

What I Like - 1. Fragrance
                      2. Light non greasy texture
                      3. Its effectiveness against hair fall
                      4. Easy availability
                      5. Travel friendly bottle
                      6. Natural ingredients
                      7. Washes off easily.
                      8. Effect shows within 2 weeks of application.

What I Dislike - 1. Price for the quantity offered.
                            2. Dries out scalp,good for oily scalp but bad for dry scalp.
TBLP Rating -  4/5

So all in all a good oil to combat hair fall and hair loss and does prove to be a boon to people looking for a effective solution for hair fall.

Biotique Bio-Bhringraj Oil
Reviewed by Himshikha Khati on July 07 2013
Rating: 4


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