7 Natural Tips to Treat Thinning Hair

6 Natural Tips to Treat Thinning Hair

Thinning of hair seems to be a common ailment these days with almost all age
groups people complaining of some hair thinning now and then.Thinning of hair
is a condition in which a perso nundergoes excessive hair loss and hair fall and
eventually bald patches.Hair loss can occur on any part of the body.Thinning
of hair is definitely a bothersome condition as it does hamper one's personality
and looks.Though it is not life threatening,but it may cause a lot of distress
because of the changes it brings in the looks of one person.There are several
causes of thinning hair,some of which are related to the lifestyle of a person,
and others may be hormonal imbalance or infections in the body.

Lets look at some other possible causes for thinning of hair.
  1. A person usually may experience hair fall or hair loss few months later any major illness or surgery.
  2. Deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals like Vit B,Vit D,iron and nutrients in body,it can cause thinning of hair.This type of hair loss is temporary and hair will grow soon during recovery.
  3. Male and female hormones often surge causing imbalance,which becomes another cause of hair fall and hair loss.
  4. An under active or over active thyroid often results in the loss of hair,though it is curable by undergoing treatment for thyroid disease.
  5. Other causes of hair loss are chemical dyes and treatments,medications,diabetes,thyroid,nutrient imbalance,PCOS(poly cystic ovary syndrome),depression,stress,birth control pills,fungal or bacterial infections.

In this post we would talk about few natural remedies to treat thinning hair and
restore your lost hair and confidence back.These natural remedies will enhance
new growth within few weeks of its application.You will see a noticeable change
in the volume and thickness.

  • Take some olive oil warm it and rub it on your scalp for good 3-5 minutes and leave it overnight,Rinse it away in the morning with mild shampoo.What olive oil does is cleans away trapped dirt in hair ans also removes excess sebum that's clogging hair follicles and forcing them to thin out.

  • Rub onion pulp or juice on the scalp where you are experiencing bald patches or excessive hair thinning,it will turn red,when it turns red more blood circulation takes place in that area,quenching the thirst of hair follicles.Hair loss actually occurs when your hair are dying of thirst.This method will surge your hair shafts and follicles with abundance of blood,nourishing them and helping them grow back thick and strong.

  • Take some fresh leaves of rosemary and boil them in some water,once it cools down filter the extract and use it as a last rinse after shampooing hair.Rosemary as we know is an excellent hair regulator,it helps to regrow lost hair naturally.

  • Rejuvenate your hair with Aloe vera gel.Take some aloe vera gel and add almond oil to it,then rub it  on your scalp for 2 minutes.Leave this for 30 minutes,then rinse off with water.This cools and soothes scalp,giving your hair strength and volume.

  • Take some dry capsicum,also called as bell pepper,boil it in boiling water for about 5-7 minutes.Let it cool down. Apply this pack to cleansed scalp,some properties in red bell pepper speeds up hair growth and promotes new growth as well.Capsicum is the best home remedy for thinning hair because it speed up hair growth and strength.

  • Use asparagus,tulsi,methi,triphala,mehandi,curry leaves,amla,shikakai,bhringraj,brahmi powder in equal quantities and make paste using water or curd(yogurt).Apply this paste for 1 hour before washing hair or oil your hair and then apply this pack.Doing this thrice a week for a month will give you amazing results.

Thinning of hair is an alarm to hair loss and baldness in some,so if taken care in
time one can be saved from  plight of loosing your precious hair.Who doesn't
want thick,beautiful lustrous hair and when there's a risk of loosing them it
certainly proves to be a nightmare for all.So take care of your hair,eat-drink-
sleep well and try these natural remedies if thinning hair is your latest concern
and say goodbye to this problem.If this due to any medical ailment or condition,
we recommend to consult a dermatologist or trichologist to get this treated properly
and timely.


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