7 Cracked/Chapped Lips Remedy

 7 Cracked/Chapped Lips Remedy

Unlike the other body parts lips do not produce natural oils to protect them 
against low humidity and cold winds.As we see a little change in the weather
or any other environmental change, our lips tend to get affected,they can chap,
dry or crack.Normally our lips get affected when there's a loss of moisture 
around our lip area.

Various symptoms which indicate the cracked lip condition include lips getting 
dried,burning,red and swollen,small cracks and some sort of peeling of skin 
around lips.Also we may experience some pain when we try stretch our lips.

The possible causes of chapped and cracked lips could be -

  • Over exposure to the cold and windy conditions.
  • Over exposure in the sun.
  • Any allergies to cosmetic products.
  • Constantly licking lips with tongue.
  • Less hydration or moisture to lips.
  • Consuming less water.
  • Infections,Drugs.
  • Smoking
  • Skin disorder history.
  • Deficiency of Vit A,B,C.

Now lets talk about the natural remedies we can try to heal our chapped/dried lips.

  • Using unflavoured lip balm or plain Vaseline on your lips can heal cracked lips.

  • Avoid using flavored toothpaste while brushing your teeth.

  • Increase your intake of water and other fluids.Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day maintains your body hydration level.

  • Rub a slice of cucumber on lips to heal them.

  • Also apply Margosa leaf extract(Neem) on lips.

  • Put some Aloe Vera gel on your lips.

  • Vitamin A is very essential for healthy hair and lips,also for growth and repair in our body.So try and incorporate much of Vit A in your diet.Carrots, tomatoes and all green leafy vegetables are rich in Vit A.

Try these natural remedies if you are prone to cracked lips or are suffering from
 one and do share your views and comments in the box below!!

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  1. Apply coconut oil to the lips while sleeping or else you can apply ghee also .its makes your lips softer


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