DIY Homemade Facial Spray/Mist

DIY Homemade Facial Spray/Mist

We get different types of facial spray/mist in the market but making one at home is just the best thing.It gives me immense satisfaction about the fact that its 100% natural and my skin would be as happy as i feel while using it.It rejuvenates and freshens up dull & tired skin instantly.Facial mist/spray are the best thing/spray in summers to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.I make my own facial mist/spray at home and i have shared my version of it in this post.

Here's a list of things required to make facial spray/mist:

1. Distilled water( 2 cups), can use normal water as well ,choose quantity of water as per the spray bottle.

2. Spray bottle.

3. Pure Aloe Vera juice or gel(2 tbsp).

4. Fresh or dried orange peel(peel of 1 orange).

5. Fresh or dried lemon peel(peel of 1 lemon).

6. Fresh or dried rose petals ,can use rose water(petals of 1 rose and 4-5 tbsp rose water.

7. Vitamin E capsules(2 capsules).

8. Tea tree essential oil ( 4-5 drops),if skin is oily and acne prone(optional again).

9. Lavender essential oil (4-5 drops), its optional but if you use it your mist would smell awesome plus lavender has its own benefits on skin..

How to make:

Take an open vessel boil the distilled water and add orange,lemon peels to it,if you are using rose petals add them now in case it's rose water for you then it can be added later not now.Let this concoction stand over night.Next morning strain the concoction and pour it in the spray bottle,to this add rose water if you did not use rose petals.Its time now to add Aloe Vera ,essential oil which ever u prefer.Slit open the Vit e capsules and pour the gel into the mixture.Our natural homemade facial mist is ready to use.

I use it almost every time i fell the need to freshen up my face.You can also carry the spray bottle in your purse and use it as often you want.
Let us know if you like this version of facial mist or if you have a different and better version share with us!!

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