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7 Amazing Benefits of Fish Oil on Skin and Hair

Fish oil is extracted from cold water oily fishes like herring, salmon, anchovies,
sardines, mackerel, etc.High in EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA
(Docosahexaenoic acid), the fish oil offers a wide array of health benefits
including hair and skin. Due to this reason it has long been used as a good
source dietary of omega-3 fatty acids. Incorporating fish oil regularly in your
diet may help in combating many health issues like curing cancer, fighting
asthma, heart problems and reducing weight. Moreover, if you are coping
with skin and hair problems lately, fish oil may help you to a great extent.

 Read on to find out the 7 amazing benefits of fish oil on skin and hair.

1. Reduces acne

Fish oil works in two ways to reduce acne. Firstly, it moisturizes the skin well
thereby curing acne that is caused due to excessive dryness. And secondly, it
aids in reducing inflammation and redness of skin proving relief from severe acne
condition.It also speeds up recovery from breakouts in amazing ways.Include fish
oil in your diet regularly and in precise doses to minimize acne effectively.

2. Prevents skin aging

Since fish oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and EPA, it is a great way
to prevent skin aging.Aging is caused due to dehydration of skin cells which further
weaken the collagen and result as fine lines and wrinkles. Fish oil helps in maintaining
the water content of the cells and thus prevents any damage to the skin. This slows
down aging by maintaining the skin elasticity and makes you look youthful.

3. Treats eczema

If you have eczema, fish oil may help in reducing the symptoms, if taken in proper
doses. It will be better to consult your physician to understand whether you need
to consume it or use it topically to reduce the signs of eczema. Fish oil eliminates
dryness and soothes the site of inflammation thus providing relief from the unfortunate
skin condition.

4. Sun protection

Another great benefit of fish oil is deep protection from the sun. Exposure to the
sun may cause many skin problems like burns, dryness and skin aging.Incorporating
the oil in your diet may help in fighting free radicals and damage caused due to sun
exposure. This is particularly because of the anti-inflammatory powers of fish
omega-3 fatty acids. It may also prevent skin cancer to a great extent.

5. Promotes hair growth

Fish oil has been found to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth.
The high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids present in it deeply nourishes the
hair from within, and reduces hair loss due to aging or lack of nutrients.
Including fish oil in your diet instead of direct application on hair is a good
way to have healthy hair.

6. Improves hair quality

The scalp needs adequate lubrication to make your hair shiny and healthy.
The tendency of scalp to produce natural oils may decrease with increasing
age making your hair dull and dry.The healthy fats present in fish oil helps in
maintaining the natural oils of the scalp and the hair follicles providing sheen to
your hair while simply improving the quality of hair.

7. Prevents hair breakage

Since fish oil is high in proteins, it aids in preventing hair breakage. As our age
increases, the hair tends to lose the natural structure and may look dry and
damaged. Pollution, stress and other factors add up to make your hair deprived
of nutrition and moisture. The proteins present in fish oil helps in maintaining the
structure of hair. In the absence of proteins, the hair may become brittle and
prone to breakage.

As a consequence, including fish oil in your diet on a regular basis may help you
look beautiful and healthy from within. It is important to consult your physician
to know the correct doses according to your concern because wrong doses may
be harmful to your health.According to National Institutes of Health; high doses
of fish oil may interfere with your immune system making it weaker and even raise
the levels of cholesterol in your body. Thus, it becomes essential to not to increase
your doses without consulting a healthcare expert. If implemented correctly, fish
oil can prove to be beneficial for your health and is safe to consume.

Author Bio:

Joecy Parker is an Online Manager For Dermatend. Joecy likes to Blog about
Health, Beauty and Skincare. You can contact her via Twitter.

7 Tips to Create Perfect Nude Lips

“Lips” the more you take care of them the more they make you gorgeous.
But we don’t bother about our lips much. Even while dressing up for a
party or a meeting, we just put a lipstick on lips.And spend lots of time
on our eye makeup. But have you ever thought that how a simple lipstick
can give a ravishing look. Sometimes we are so much in hurry that we don’t
even choose the correct shade of the lipstick.These little mistakes can give
you a “bizarre” look.

Nude lips are something which never goes out of trend.They give you the
perfect bold look.Creating nude lips is not such hard thing. But remember
if you are highlighting your lips then keep your eyes a little simple. Nude lips
will give you a natural gorgeous look to your face.You just need to follow
some steps. I am here to tell you the procedure of creating perfect nude lips.

 Have a look.

  • Exfoliation: every girl wants soft and kissable lips. So exfoliation can help you create your lips smooth and soft. When we use nude collared lipstick, the flakes and imperfections become more visible to others. So you can easily exfoliate your lips by using a simple toothbrush. Exfoliate your lips daily.

  •  Concealer: take a concealer and apply it around your lips and on your lips. Preferably, use a concealer similar to your skin tone. It will help in neutralizing the redness around your lips and won’t let your lip gloss enter the small linings of your lips and around your lips. And it will also give a smooth look to your lips and your lipstick color will look more perfect.You can also use a primer as a substitute of concealer.

  • Use a lip pencil: take a lip pencil and fill up your lips. It would be much better if you use a lip pencil similar to the shade of your nude lipstick. It should have a soft and a creamy texture so that it can serve a base to your nude lipstick to go on the top. It will also make your lip shape more defined and let the lipstick stay for a long time.

  •  Choose the right shade: choose a lip shade which falls between the natural skin tone and natural lip color. Too much pale shades can create ghostly look, if you have an olive-toned complexion. But if you are a fair-skinned girl, then palest shade like cream and beige,would be a better choice. 

  •  Use your finger or brush to apply your nude lipstick: we always used to apply the lipstick directly from the tube. But it doesn't give that smooth look which we always want. As you apply the lipstick on your lips, it starts entering the lip lines and creates a “bizarre” look. So the best way to get a smooth look on your lips is to apply your lipstick with the help your finger. Try it; you will surely feel the difference. 

  • Finishing with clear lip gloss: use a clear lip gloss when you've done all the above steps. And remove the excess with a blotting paper. Leaving your lips without gloss will not give a desired shine. Lip gloss will give a lush look to your mouth.

  • Always carry your lipstick, gloss, compact and a tissue paper in your bags. And touch up in the evening for a fresh look.

These were the tips to create perfect nude lips. Do try this and fall in love with your lips.

10 Tips to Prevent Hands and Feet from Ageing

Everyone intends to look younger than their actual age and to do that we indulge
in a lot of beauty treatments,facials etc but we ignore that fact that as much as
our facial skin and neck is prone to ageing so is our hands and feet.Since our
hands and feet are exposed to much work and pressure they show visible
signs of ageing and tend to age faster than face.

The skin on our hands and feet is quite thin when compared to rest of our body
and when a small amount of collagen or elastin fibre which constitutes our skin
breaks due to normal ageing process or due to environmental pollution and
harmful UV rays,the skin around that area looks wrinkly with bulging veins
evidently visible.Another reason being that the skin around our hands and feet
have few oil glands,so they secrete less natural oil which keeps skin less
nourished and hydrated making it susceptible to ageing.

In this article we would talk about various natural tips to prevent your hands
and feet from ageing faster.

How to Take Care of Hands :

  • Take 2 tablespoons of coarse granular white or brown sugar and 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil,mix it until it becomes a smooth paste,apply this paste on hands,feet and knees and scrub it for 10 minutes then wash off with warm water and apply some thick cream or Vaseline.

  • Like we follow CTM(cleansing,toning & moisturizing) regime for our face we need to use this regime for our hands and feet too,regularly cleanse with mild cleanser,tone with rose water and moisturize with a heavy moisturizer of cold cream to avoid hands from drying.

  • Applying coconut oil and olive oil and massaging for few minutes before going to bed can be beneficial too.

  • Going for weekly or twice a month for manicures is very essential or doing it at home helps to keep wrinkles at bay.

How to Take Care of Feet and Knees :

  • Take 2 tbsp of honey,1 tbsp of mild or herbal shampoo,1 tbsp of almond oil and add them to 1/4 th bucket of warm water and soak your feet for a good 20 minutes and the pat dry and moisturize.

  • Applying a good sunscreen to feet,hands and knees is very essential to prevent them from further darkening and getting wrinkled.

  • Applying coconut oil or Vaseline on feet and covering them socks overnight helps to retain the moisture.

  •  For Knees soak some urad and moong dal overnight and make a paste of it,To this paste add some raw milk and lemon juice and then scrub it.Keep it on knees for 30 minutes and then wash with warm water,doing this helps to get rid of dark knees and prevent forming wrinkles.

  • Take 2 tbsp brown of white sugar,1 tbsp of lime juice,some honey and coconut oil,make a paste and scrub the knees and keep for few minutes.This would also prevent from skin getting dried and dark.

These are some very effective  remedies for your hands,feet and knees which will
help them stay away from wrinkles and saggy skin.Always use a loofah to rub of 
your knees,hands and feet this helps to get rid of dead and dry  skin thereby
promoting circulation and growth of new skin.Always use thick creams,lotions
and body butter for these areas to keep them moisturized.So ladies let your 
short dresses and shorts out and flaunt your sexy leg this summer.Let us know
how did you find these tips in your comments below!!

7 Best Fairness Tips for Oily Skin

Oily Skin, as we hear this, we start imagining a dirty face with lots of marks,
pimples, patches etc.etc. Aren't we?? But this is just a myth that if one having oily
skin so he/she can’t look good.

 But I can prove this myth wrong. I, myself has oily skin and I am having this
 “oily skin problem” since I was 14. I have faced a lot of problems from many
years. I have used many ointments (medicinal), creams, tonics etc but none
worked on my face. Because of this, I lost all my self-confidence and started
trying to stay at home rather than to go outside in parties etc. But now I am
really happy with my face as I have found the proper home remedies for my
skin to look good and much fairer. Today, I am sharing these with you, people.

We usually believe that allopathic medicines and ointments are good to use,
as their advertisements set a myth in our minds that they work much more
effectively than the home remedies.But it is not true. Everyone in this so-called
world wants to be FAIRER, to look glamorous and dazzling.

So there are some remedies for oily skin to help you people to look much fairer
and beautiful.

1). Fruits have been particularly known for lessening the oil of the skin.So let
 start with them first.Take a bit quantity of apple juice then add a few drops
of lemon juice in it. And apply this mixture on your face properly and leave
for 15 minutes. Then wash your face with rose water. Rose water can be used
daily for washing purpose.

2). One more remedy from fruits. Take a papaya and mash it properly.Add some
drops of honey to it and mix well. Now add 2-3 spoons of milk to this mix and
mix it well. Then apply this mix to your face properly. Then wash it off and pat dry.

3). Just take a small amount of milk and apply it on your face. Then wash your
face with water after 10 minutes. Mothers use this for formula for their infants.

4). You can also use ice to remove excess oil from your face.For this purpose
 you need to take an ice cube and rub it on your face for a few minutes.
 Use this formula daily.

5). Now a vegetable face pack for you. Take some juice of cucumber and
add some drops of honey in it. And apply it on your face and let it be for
15 minutes.Then wash your face and see the instant results.

6). Now here is a tip for non-vegetarians, apply egg white as a face wash
 two times a week. It adds the glow to skin.

7). Coconut milk is also a solution for oily skin. Apply it to your face twice a
week. It contains several minerals which remove the excess oil from skin.

Try these remedies and let us know your feedback.

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