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10 Tips to Make Eyelashes Grow Healthy & Strong

“Eyes are only as beautiful as their eyelashes.”

There is no dispute that good looking eyelashes make a woman look pleasing, attractive and perfect. As long as the lashes are thick, strong and long; the eye shape or color of an individual becomes negligible. Unfortunately, for most women growing lashes is an ardent task resulting in indifference towards their growth or going for fake eyelashes or mascara. However, every woman should know that there are several simple that help to maintain eyelashes in perfect condition.

Tip #1: Remove makeup

The artificial compounds or chemicals in those luxurious makeup creams can clog the pores of the skin near the eyelashes resulting in irritation and improper growth. It is advisable to remove the makeup on the face before going to bed so that skin can retain its natural functionality allowing the lashes to grow.

Tip #2: Don’t pull the lashes

Some women do the mistake of pulling unequally grown eyelashes for god knows what reason. Imagine the time a lash needs to grow to its full glory and pulling it is no less a crime. By pulling the skin can become inflammatory leading to irritation or infection. Moreover, there are procedures to tend improperly curved lashes so never try to pull lashes.

Tip #3: Cleaning

 Due to the thick growth of lashes dirt accumulates quickly over them and washing the face gently can help reduce the dirt. In addition, after removal of make-up using a wipe or mild facial cleanser can clear out the pores effectively.

Tip #4: Eyelash serums

The relatively new advancement in the market has been proven effective for wonderful growth of eyelashes. As a lash growthserum ensures growth and strengthening of the follicles, it becomes easy for a woman to apply them according to the instructions for better lashes. These are all like all-round care takers of the eyelash which can condition, improve and maintain them for greater periods of time.

Tip #5: Lemon peels

Lemon peels are undisputedly acidic, but once they are soaked either in olive oil or castor oil for a span of 5 days they can work absolute magic on the eyelashes. The growth rate of the lashes will increase prominently after applying the lemon peels for few weeks. Overnight application of the peels followed by cleaning with cold water in the morning has assured results.

Tip #6: Trimming

Although, it may sound odd but Trichologists accept that trimming hair or eyelashes can stimulate the growth of follicles. Therefore trimming a small hair length every 2-3 months can help the eyelashes to grow even stronger. However, take precaution not to trim the eyelash over 1/4th of its original length.

Tip #7: Keep distance from fake eyelashes

A woman has to have future planning when it comes to protecting her eyes and eyelashes. Although, fake eyelashes are effective for parties and office environment they can’t be permanent and cause damage to the eyelashes permanently. Therefore, allowing the eyelashes to grow freely can help the cause and one can still use the unnatural eyelashes when it is absolutely necessary.

Tip #8: Brush

In the market, there are exclusively designed combs that can be used for brushing eyelashes. By simply brushing the hair with the help of the combs eyelashes grow longer than the usual within weeks. Although, there is no scientific explanation for this, it is believed that regular combing relaxes the eye facilitating healthier growth of eyelashes.

Tip #9: Use natural oils

The age old tip that most of the women are aware of is using natural oils for moisturizing the lashes and stimulating the follicles for faster growth. A woman can use a combination of natural oils or use any one of them regularly to observe great improvement in the condition of the lashes. Some of the frequently tried natural oils are castor oil, olive oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, etc. With the help of a cotton swab one can apply the oil or oils on the lashes before going to bed and the results are inevitable within weeks. The natural oils further smoothens the lashes making them all the more attractive.

Tip #10: Diet
Some of the tips given above are precautionary measures, while some are meant to rejuvenate the lashes remarkably. This one about diet is to ensure the eyelashes, which have grown strong and healthy after following the tips, to stay intact like that forever. A balanced diet including greenies, fish, eggs, protein sources, Biotin sources along with fruits can ensure the eyelashes will look forever young and admirable.
All of the tips if used in synchronization can boost the health and strength of eyelashes in a matter of weeks. Moreover, the tips are not that difficult to follow and every woman can benefit from them to step into tomorrow with glorious eyelashes.

Author bio:
Daniel Norwood is an enthusiastic writer and fashion blogger working for eyelashtalk.
In addition, he loves to research on new products that can help beautifying the world
and the information he gathers, he distributes through various platforms so that everyone
can be knowledgeable about aesthetic fashion trends.

The Nature's Co Cherry Butter Gloss Review

In one of our earlier posts we reviewed a body butter and talked about the
varied benefit if offers, Similarly lip butters are a good way to pamper your
lips all seasons not just winters. Lip Butters will help you achieve pink, delicious,
soft and luscious lips in a natural way.

This post is on a Lip butter from a very known and popular brand which
manufactures varied range of natural and organic products. It is Nature's Co
Cherry Butter Gloss aka lip butter. Read on the full review below:

Price - INR 395 for 10ml

Ingredients - Cherry Flavor (3%), Kokum Butter (3%), Shea Butter (3%),
Mango Butter (2%), Castor oil (2%), Vitamin E (1%), Balm base, Natural Flavoring,
& Food Grade Color Q.S

Product Description -

- Gives naturally pink, delicious, soft and luscious lips, protects from harmful radicals
and reduce pigmentations.

- Get naturally pink, delicious, soft and luscious lips with our Sweet and  Sour Cherry
Lip Butter. It will protect your lips from harmful radicals and reduce the pigmentation
keeping them healthy and moisturize all day long. Apply directly to your lips, as often
as required.

My Take on Nature's Co Cherry Butter Gloss - So this would be my first time use
of any lip butter, I kinda knew what job does a lip butter does but never felt the need
to try it out, also because I was happy using lip balms which I thought pretty much
offers same benefits. To my surprise after few days ( 4-5 ) of use I could figure out
the difference.

Here's few
 - Makes lips soft and supple of course
 - Doesn't make lips feel greasy unlike certain lip balms
 - Gives a nice glossy yet matte feel
 - Lips look and feel fuller coz of intense hydration
 - It increases shedding of dead cells on lips, there by making lips look pink
and less pigmented.( If your lips are too pigmented then it may time for it to
completely go off  or may be not if the cause of pigmentation is different)

Now some would say that the benefits are almost similar to the lip balms, so I'll
say consider the case of body butter and body lotions. Like how body butters offer
more benefits than lotions similarly does the lip butter , and are top notch higher
than our good old lip balm.

Let's talk about the packaging, looks sturdy and is safely protected by a cover and
a lid to protect it from environment. So this lip butter looks a little baby pink in color
,however it is not a tinted butter and I am glad that its not as using too much of
tined stuff is not too good for lips in the long run, same as lipsticks and glosses.
The fragrance is heavenly, it absolutely smells sweet and sour ( just like cherries)
as mentioned on the packaging.

What I really loved about about this lip butter is that its an organic and vegan
product minus the use of any chemicals consistency of the product,which brings
a sense of relief that even if I swallow the product  by mistake nothing harmful
enters my body.Another thing I like is that its not greasy like certain lip balms,
and one swipe of the butter is enough to keep your lips hydrated for good 6-7 hours,
I wouldn't say it stays on for 24 hours.You will have to reapply it if your lips are too
dry and rough and if its winter time.

Another trick to enhance the efficacy of lip butter is to keep scrubbing your lips
2 times a week, as it helps in better absorption of the product just like how scrubbing
your face is important, your lips also require the TLC. You can try the Nature's Co
Lychee Lip scrub or may be make your own DIY lip scrub, we will try and bring up a
post soon.

This is how the lip butter looks on the skin,
I didn't put up the lip picture as it would have not given the exact look of it.

Pros -
  • Lips become soft and supple after first use.
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Organic and Vegan
  • Non greasy.
  • Light weight on lips.
  • Lips appear fuller and luscious.
  • Stays on for 6-7 hours.
  • Enhances shedding of dead cells, thereby making lips feel smooth.
  • Sturdy packaging, travel friendly.
  • Pigmentation reduction will happen gradually, not soo soon.
  • Easy availability.
  • Sufficient quantity, will last long

    Cons -
  • Packaging is sturdy but the look of it is not too boring and not pleasing to eyes.
  • Price could be an issue for some, but since less quantity is required so the product may last long.

TBLP Rating - 4.5

Recommendations - Yes If you would like to use a enhanced and better version of
lip balms and also If you are sucker for all things organic and natural, this Brand
and its lip butter is the one for you.

PS - Its a PR Sample Product, however I have tried to give a very honest and candid

5 Ways to Protect your Skin from Aging

The skin is the largest part of your body hence needs your care and protection.
You need always to keep watch over the appearance of your skin making you
maintain a youthful look. It is not expensive to look after your skin since most
of the natural products are just right in your kitchen. The ingredients you used
to cook will be of great help on your skin causing no side effects. There will be
no expenses in buying the skin care products since they are all kitchen

These are five ways to protect your skin from aging:

1. Sleep
Your body requires rest to allow proper blood circulation and formation of body
cells. Take at least 8 hours of sleep during the night and also, if possible, two
times during the day. This will allow own generation of new cells is replacing the
dead cells. Sleep also give your skin time to open up pores making it possible to
clean out the dirt and bacteria closing the pores making it produce black and
white heads. Enough sleep makes your skin slow from aging and age just
becomes a number since your skin will not dictate your age.

2. Fish
Fish has so many health benefits to the humans. This makes it be in high
demand and hence expensive. You can sacrifice for the benefit of your skin
and make your daily diet inclusive of the fish. In addition to fish you are
capable of using one of the best cleansers making your skin always bright
and beautiful. Fish contains omega three fatty acids that will make your skin
have no blackheads, whiteheads or acne. The fish also helps to reduce oily
skin and make it possible to maintain a normal skin. Omega 3 fatty acids
contribute to preventing your skin from premature aging making you keep
a beautiful, scar less and smooth skin.

3. Wear sunscreen
These helps to protect your skin from sun damage; you can maintain a fair
skin even during the summer. Make use of the best cleanser daily to clear
off makeup and leave your skin fresh before you sleep. The sun produces
dangerous UV rays making it possible to expose your skin to the risk of skin
cancer. The moment you expose your skin to direct sun rays, you will be in a
position to have dull skin, sunburns, uneven skin, wrinkles, etc. Sunscreen
will greatly help to prevent your skin from aging.

4. Don’t smoke
Cigarettes have the ability to make your skin dry, have breakouts, uneven and
also become dull. Smoke will make your skin look older than you are. Use the
best cleansers to help you to bring back your skin to normal. You will not be
advised to smoke less; the only advice you will get is to quit smoking altogether.
This can only happen by changing your hobbies, changing friends and avoiding
being idle. You will be glad that you will notice an improvement in your skin as
long as you do not go back to smoking. The best cleansers will help to keep your
skin young and This is another great key in which you will be able to maintain a
young skin without any cost. Avoid activities that will make you have stress since
a stressed person have an old and dull look on the skin. Ensure that you use the best
cleansers that suit your skin and help reduce any aging look. Make yourself get used
to the activities that make your skin look young.

The above are 5 of the best ways to take care of your skin. They are simple and
do not involve any complicated procedures which can be hard to understand.
Ensure you make it a daily routine to take care of your skin making it possible
to maintain a youthful smooth beautiful and bright skin. Let skin care be a daily
routine no matter how tired your day can be, just ensure that make a step of
maintaining your skin.

Meighan Sembrano has done her Mass Communication degree. In her free time, 
she likes to write about health, lifestyle fitness, world news, and beauty.She is an author at Consumer Health Digest since 2012.
To know more about health and wellness, stay connected with
Consumer Health Digest on - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

PS - It's an guest post and was first published on our website,
if it gets republished on some other site then we are not duly responsible for any copyright infringement issues

Rustic Art Delight Aloe Shampoo Review

Organic and SLS/SLES free shampoos are quite a fad these days.
Apparently because sulphate free shampoos offer more benefit and
less harm to your hair and scalp in the long run. If you use shampoos
with sulphate in them very often and in huge quantities,not only they
irritate your scalp and make it dry and itchy but these sulphates come
under such category which can easily penetrate through your skin and
travel through your blood and cause some serious problems.

The shampoo I am going to review is from a brand Rustic Art and the
shampoo Rustic Art Delight Aloe Shampoo which is not just SLS/SLES
free but also paraben and silicone free and interestingly its a vegan, cruelty
free too. This shampoo definitely has lots to offer in quite an economical
price. Read on further to know how does this shampoo fare in its claims.

Price - INR 290 for 200ml

Ingredients - See pic below

Product Description -
  • Free of SLS/ SLES
  • Free of Paraben
  • Vegan Product
  • Hand- Blended
  • Biodegradable
  • With goodness of  Aloe Vera

My Take on Rustic Art Delight Aloe Shampoo -

Ever since my childhood I have been using herbal shampoo's so I wasn't
sure how would an organic shampoo be different from a herbal shampoo
when a friend was raving about the benefits of using a organic(no sulphate)

So the inquisitive mind of me wanted to explore more about these shampoo's.
Then I figured out that apparently organic shampoo's are actually the ones
which don't have sulphate ( SLS/SLES) and parabens in them which unfortunately
my herbal shampoo has. I was pretty okay with my existing brand of shampoo
until when I tried a hair treatment called Smoothening, where certain amount
of chemicals are used to give your hair a natural smoothening effect.

So as obviously when you get a hair treatment done there is a need of using
professional range of shampoo's and conditioner meant for such hair type.
I started using matrix range, which mind u was great for my hair and did an
amazing work of protecting and maintaining my hair from daily wear and tear.
I am not too sure was it because of this shampoo or the hair treatment or just
the season which lead to a series of hair fall.

Then came an immediate need to address my hair fall issue and the first thing
to check was my diet, lifestyle and add vitamin supplements in my diet, this
did help to an extent but an actual change came in when I decided to use
SLS/SLES free shampoo which tend to dry the scalp and irritate them,
thereby leading to more hair fall.

I came across few brands which manufacture sulphate free shampoo but
what caught my fancy was that Rustic Art shampoo's are not just organic
but also vegan and biodegradable and its always a great idea to save our
environment by doing your small bit, even if that means using a biodegradable
shampoo for that matter. Now comes the part, did this shampoo fare well to my

I am quite enjoying the pampering this shampoo is doing to my hair.Its a
clear gel type consistency shampoo which lathers decently not too much
not to less, sufficient to get off dirt, grime and even oil off your scalp.
Even if you oil your hair overnight and then use this shampoo it will give
you a squeaky clean finish. Now I have seen many people say that an
organic and sulphate free shampoo should not have any lathering agent
and be free of any chemicals, that's not true because a shampoo is meant
to lather and clean your scalp from oil and dirt which is not possible without
any lathering agent,that's the first job of a shampoo. However all organic
shampoo's have mildest lathering agents in them which are so mild on your
hair and scalp that they don't cause any irritations unlike SLS/SLES which
are absolutely harmful for your scalp in the long run and they can even
penetrate your hair shaft and go into your blood stream.

But the best way to use this shampoo will be to dilute it with water while
applying it in your scalp, this way you don't have to fear of your hair and
scalp getting dry and this will also tackle your frizzy hair issues. It says
that that the shampoo is for all hair types but I figured out that oily to
normal hair type would benefit from it greatly, however the one's with
dry scalp and hair have to use a thick and creamy conditioner to prevent
your hair from getting frizzy. But this shampoo has controlled my hair
fall considerably so I am going to continue using it to find out if it totally
stops the unwanted hair fall, another good thing is that it imparts a beautiful
shine to hair and your hair appears more bouncy and fuller, Using a
conditioner along with it will make it so soft and smooth. If you skip using a
conditioner then you only get a good shine and bounce because it would not
make your hair soft and smooth probably coz it doesn't contain silicones in it
which are largely responsible for smoothness in most shampoos.

Another thing that I dint like about it is the smell of the shampoo,which is not
so pleasant and appealing to my nose. I don't know how to describe it but its
quite peculiar.

Pros -
  • Organic Shampoo
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • No SLS / SLES
  • No Parabens
  • No Silicones
  • Cruelty free and vegan
  • For all hair types
  • Helps in reducing hair fall
  • Makes hair shiny
  • Good quantity
  • Makes hair healthy and fuller

Cons -
  • Availability
  • Not so pleasant smell
Recommendations - Its a decent organic shampoo free of harsh chemicals 
that irritate your scalp and cause hair fall. Though its not a budget option
but yet fairly priced as compared to other organic shampoos in the market.

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