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5 Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda

Baking soda as the name indicates is a type of salt used for baking purposes,but
did you know baking soda is a very cost effective beauty rescue ingredient.Baking
soda has some excellent exfoliating and healing properties which helps not only
to cure pimples,scars but its marks too.Baking soda finds its use in hair care also.
Since baking soda has a high PH level it should not be used on sensitive skin
or wounded,rashes,sunburned skin etc.Baking soda can be mixed along with
your favourite shampoo and face wash and used daily.

Baking soda has multiple beauty benefits but in this article we would cover
our top 5 benefits of baking soda. Read on to know more :

1. Blemish Vanisher - Its indeed a well known fact that baking soda to an
 extent helps to fade and lighten blemishes and scars too.What baking soda
does is it gently exfoliates the dead skin cells and helps in cell renewal,
giving a way to new healthy blemish scar free skin. For best results on oily
skin use it with plain water and for dry skin mix few drops of extra virgin
olive oil to provide nourishment to dry skin.Keep this pack for good 10-15
mins on face and then gradually with fingertips in  circular motion scrub it
and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Don't over scrub your face else it would turn up to be a bee stung face. :-)

2. Dandruff  Eliminator - Another great use of baking soda is to get rid
of some nasty dandruff sitting on your head.baking soda is quite effective
in getting rid of flaky dandruff,helps with itchy scalp and also clears off
any build up developed due to the use of  hair products.Try and use it as a
hair mask for 20-25 mins and then wash it off with your regular shampoo.
This will give your scalp a clean and finished look,besides helping you
get over dandruff.Though it might not work magically in just one day
but consistent use(thrice a week) of it helps.

3. Pimples/Acne Healer - Acne and pimples are caused due to excess
 oil secretion or sebum on face which clogs down your pores.In order
to soak the excess oil and dirt from face we can use baking soda,it
effectively absorbs impurities from face and also helps to control
further acne and pimples by unclogging the pores.Baking soda can be
mixed with some water and applied on acne and pimples for good
15-20 mins and then can be washed off with warm water,followed
by cold water.If your skin is very sensitive then try and keep the pack
for about few minutes to check,if it irritates and stings your skin then
its not advisable to use it.

4. Teeth whitener/Polisher - Baking soda has another amazing benefit
of it as a teeth whitener and polisher.When you use little baking soda
to brush your teeth,all it does is due to its high cleansing and exfoliating
properties it scrubs off plaque from your teeth to you give you brighter
and shinier teeth.It also helps to keep your gum strong,but a word of
caution here is to use it in limited quantity and limit the use to maximum
twice a week.

5. Face and Body Exfoliator-  Last but not the least,baking soda also
finds it use as a body scrub,courtesy to its granulated appearance makes
it an amazing exfoliator. The way it clears of face from dirt,grime and
excess oil; it gets body get rid of dead cells and reveals smooth and soft
skin beneath.You can mix some honey and few drops of lemon juice in it
and make it an exorbitant & luxurious body scrub.This can be tried twice
or thrice a week and you are sure are in for some surprise(how good your
skin looks and feels).

This was our comprehensive list of some amazing benefits baking soda
offers, so this dirt cheap ingredient of your kitchen is worth a try.If you
few more benefits it offers do share it with us by dropping in your
comments below.

5 DIY Natural Tips to Treat Back Acne

Acne and pimples is not just limited to your face for some it can crop on their
body and back too.Summers bring along with it lot of skin problems including
acne/pimples on body and specially back.The reason being that, as we tend to
sweat a lot it summers our skin pores get clogged resulting in body breakouts.

 Not just sweat but there are various reasons for body acne here's the list:
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Hectic Lifestyle
  • Hair products
  • Dandruff
  • Sweat
  • Tight Clothes
  • Allergic to certain fabric
  • Harsh Detergent 

There are many ways by which you can cure your body acne but there certain
DIY home remedies too which can treat it naturally and are cost effective too.
Find out more about these natural remedies.

1. Baking Soda Scrub : This is one of the best treatments to get rid of body acne,
baking soda is known to have properties to help heal acne effectively.All you have
to do is make a thick paste using little water and apply it over acne regularly until it
dries out completely.If this sounds too difficult yo ucan simply bathe in salt water
and soak your body for some time in it,doing it will also yield same results.

2. Lemon,Honey and Salt Scrub: Lemon and honey together are ideal for treating
acne as they contain anti - bacterial and anti-microbial properties which helps in effective
healing of back acne.Make a thick pack using these ingredients and gently scrub over
your body,ensure that you scrub using gentle circular movements else you might
aggravate the problem and also harm your skin.

3. Apple cider vinegar and Lemon pack :  Apple cide vinegar is also an effective way
to treat body acne,its acidic nature kills the bacteria and thereby clearing skin off body
acne.Just take some of it along with water in a spray bottle and before bathing spary
on the acne let it stay for 10-15.Doing this regularly will clear off acne as well as its

4. Aloe Vera Gel : It has some amazing curative properties known for treating skin
 infections effectively and with regular use body acne heals effectively without leaving
any scars and spots.Try to use fresh aloe vera to apply the gel.

5. Sandalwood and Rose water pack :Sandalwood is known for its effective cure
against acne and pimples,when applied it soothes the skin tries to giving a cooling
effect,it also has anti-bacterial properties which helps to fight acne and heals them.
Just make a thick paste using sandalwood powder(preferably red powder) and
rose water and apply it to the affected areas regularly for quick results.

11 Beauty Tips for Healthier and Shinier Nails

Nails- our nails reflect our body’s hygiene, cleanliness and beauty. Everywhere
we go, our personality is recognised by our nails in public places. It is really
important to maintain our nails and an attractive shine on them. Often, manicures
help in cleaning the nail cuticles but do you know how to get shiny nails naturally
without using a nail polish? Today I am sharing some of the beauty tips to get
shiny nails at home naturally.

Often, many of us think that nail polishes make our nails shinier instantly, but this is
totally a myth, the truth is that they damage our nails very badly. Most of the nail
polishes available in the market contain harmful chemicals and preservatives which
may damage our nails with regular usage. These heavy chemicals present in the
products block the space and become a barrier for oxygen to penetrate. The
deficiency of proper oxygen leads to yellowing of nails. So, throw out those
chemical stuffed nail polishes and follow some natural kitchen remedies to
make your nails healthier and shinier than ever before.

Here are some recipes and tips that you can do and implement at your home only,
so there is no need to go to beauty parlours to spend lots of money.

1). Olive Oil Treatment: Olive oil is meant to be one of the best ways to boost
your nails shine and make them healthy looking. To start with it, take a table spoon
of olive oil and put it in a bowl; now start dipping and massaging your nails with the
oil softly. It is quite necessary that the olive oil gets absorbed in your cuticles and
nails so to moisturize and nourish your nail beds fully lending them a glow.

2). Lemon Treatment: Lemons have amazing cleansing properties and this is a
very helpful and quick treatment which not only makes your nails shiny but also
strengthens them.Firstly, pick a lemon from your kitchen, now cut it into slices
and put these slices on your nails to have glossy nails.

3). Soaking in Warm Water: All the above treatments are good but this tip is
really very crucial. It is necessary that you keep your nails moisturised by soaking
them in warm water at least twice or thrice a week. It is an effective method to
boost the beauty of your nails.

4). Please avoid applying nail polishes on a regular basis.The nail polishes contain
 lots of chemicals that dries the nail cuticles and cells. Also, please avoid changing
 nail polishes brand.

5). Yellow Nail problem: To get rid of yellow nails, please use a buffer on the
tips of the nails to improve blood circulation and make the nails look pinker.

6). Filing is a must to have strong and shiny nails. Try to use a soft filer which
doesn't roughen the nails and keeps them in the appropriate and desired shape.

7). Apply cuticle oil every day before going to sleep. It is a really good method
to get shiny nails naturally.

8). Avocado & Rose water soak: Mash the avocado flesh and add half spoon
of rose water in it.Apply on your nails before sleeping. Brittle and dull nails get
 nourished and moisturized by following this nail soak regularly.

9). Maintain healthy diet with Biotin and Zinc supplements consulting your physician.
It really works great and shows faster result.

10). Pour some warm milk into a bowl and dip your nails into the milk. Now,
please wait for few minutes, leave your nails dipped to absorb nourishment from
the milk,overnight. Wash off in morning and moisturize with a nail cream or even
a cold cream.

11). Lemon and glycerine recipe: Lemon cleans out the nails and makes the
cuticles look white and shiny, but lemon also dries the skin. People having dry
skin, please add few drops of glycerine in lemon juice drops. Now take a glass
bowl, add warm water and mix lemon juice and 4-5 drops of glycerine.
Soak your fingers in the solution for 5-7 minutes and then scrub gently to remove
dead skin around nails. It really helps get rid of dark finger joints.

7 Amazing Benefits of Fish Oil on Skin and Hair

Fish oil is extracted from cold water oily fishes like herring, salmon, anchovies,
sardines, mackerel, etc.High in EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA
(Docosahexaenoic acid), the fish oil offers a wide array of health benefits
including hair and skin. Due to this reason it has long been used as a good
source dietary of omega-3 fatty acids. Incorporating fish oil regularly in your
diet may help in combating many health issues like curing cancer, fighting
asthma, heart problems and reducing weight. Moreover, if you are coping
with skin and hair problems lately, fish oil may help you to a great extent.

 Read on to find out the 7 amazing benefits of fish oil on skin and hair.

1. Reduces acne

Fish oil works in two ways to reduce acne. Firstly, it moisturizes the skin well
thereby curing acne that is caused due to excessive dryness. And secondly, it
aids in reducing inflammation and redness of skin proving relief from severe acne
condition.It also speeds up recovery from breakouts in amazing ways.Include fish
oil in your diet regularly and in precise doses to minimize acne effectively.

2. Prevents skin aging

Since fish oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and EPA, it is a great way
to prevent skin aging.Aging is caused due to dehydration of skin cells which further
weaken the collagen and result as fine lines and wrinkles. Fish oil helps in maintaining
the water content of the cells and thus prevents any damage to the skin. This slows
down aging by maintaining the skin elasticity and makes you look youthful.

3. Treats eczema

If you have eczema, fish oil may help in reducing the symptoms, if taken in proper
doses. It will be better to consult your physician to understand whether you need
to consume it or use it topically to reduce the signs of eczema. Fish oil eliminates
dryness and soothes the site of inflammation thus providing relief from the unfortunate
skin condition.

4. Sun protection

Another great benefit of fish oil is deep protection from the sun. Exposure to the
sun may cause many skin problems like burns, dryness and skin aging.Incorporating
the oil in your diet may help in fighting free radicals and damage caused due to sun
exposure. This is particularly because of the anti-inflammatory powers of fish
omega-3 fatty acids. It may also prevent skin cancer to a great extent.

5. Promotes hair growth

Fish oil has been found to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth.
The high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids present in it deeply nourishes the
hair from within, and reduces hair loss due to aging or lack of nutrients.
Including fish oil in your diet instead of direct application on hair is a good
way to have healthy hair.

6. Improves hair quality

The scalp needs adequate lubrication to make your hair shiny and healthy.
The tendency of scalp to produce natural oils may decrease with increasing
age making your hair dull and dry.The healthy fats present in fish oil helps in
maintaining the natural oils of the scalp and the hair follicles providing sheen to
your hair while simply improving the quality of hair.

7. Prevents hair breakage

Since fish oil is high in proteins, it aids in preventing hair breakage. As our age
increases, the hair tends to lose the natural structure and may look dry and
damaged. Pollution, stress and other factors add up to make your hair deprived
of nutrition and moisture. The proteins present in fish oil helps in maintaining the
structure of hair. In the absence of proteins, the hair may become brittle and
prone to breakage.

As a consequence, including fish oil in your diet on a regular basis may help you
look beautiful and healthy from within. It is important to consult your physician
to know the correct doses according to your concern because wrong doses may
be harmful to your health.According to National Institutes of Health; high doses
of fish oil may interfere with your immune system making it weaker and even raise
the levels of cholesterol in your body. Thus, it becomes essential to not to increase
your doses without consulting a healthcare expert. If implemented correctly, fish
oil can prove to be beneficial for your health and is safe to consume.

Author Bio:

Joecy Parker is an Online Manager For Dermatend. Joecy likes to Blog about
Health, Beauty and Skincare. You can contact her via Twitter.

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