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Top 5 Ways to Exfoliate Your Lips

 Essential Lip Care
When it comes to facial care, the first few ideas that come into mind are moisturizing, toning, facial treatments or anything along those lines. Although these are essential items in an effective facial care routine, the lips are often neglected. Most people are not aware that the lips require additional maintenance. The only time they come into contact with the lips is when applying or removing lipstick.
This negligence can prove quite costly in the long run given that the lips are covered by one of the thinnest layers of skin and do not have the ability to protect itself. This explains the common symptoms of dried and chapped lips at the slightest hint of agitation. Here are some interesting facts about the lips that accentuate the need to protect it from external factors.
·         One of the most sensitive organs with over a million nerve endings
·         Not able to produce perspiration
·         Unique to every individual in similar fashion to fingerprints
·         Does not produce natural oils to protect itself, explaining its heightened vulnerability
·         Similar to skin condition, lips get thinner as the aging process progresses
 5 Ways to Exfoliate the Lips
The increased sensitivity and absence of any adequate defense mechanism more than substantiates the need for extra protection to the lips. Studieshave also shown that exposure to dry environments and lack of sufficient hydration are main causes that can adversely affect lips condition. When it becomes dried out and starts to display signs of chapped skin, it is essentially crying out for help. Before any repairs works can commence, the lips must be ex-foliated to rid of all impurities and dead skin cells. With a new layer of skin, the lips will be able to absorb more nutrients within a shorter time period. Listed below are some of the best ways to achieve a comprehensive exfoliation of the lips.
1.     Olive Oil and Sugar
For those who are health conscious, do not raise the alarm yet. In this instance, sugar is not used for consumption. Simply mixed olive oil and sugar together in a small dish until both are evenly combined. Dab the lips with this mixture and start rubbing gently. The sugar particles will help to scrub away the impurities and dead skin cells while the lips absorb the olive oil to form a protective cover. 
2.     Sugar and Honey
Alternatively, olive oil can be swapped out and replaced by honey. The mixture derived from sugar and honey is significantly different from the previous suggestion. The substitution of honey provides it with a stickier and thicker characteristic. Moreover, both honey and sugar make the solution even sweeter. Naturally, health activists might not favor this exfoliation method.
3.    Baking Soda
As many beauty experts would advertise, variety is key to the implementation of skin care routines. Given that the lips are as unique as fingerprints, it reacts differently to different treatment methods. If both sugar suggestions above do not yield the expected results, it might be prudent to switch to baking soda. Simply mix with water until it becomes a grainy substance. Similarly, dab this substance on the lips and gently scrub away the dead skin cells.
4.     Vaseline
Most people are familiar with the use of Vaseline to treat minor cuts and burns. Other than that, the tub of Vaseline just sits idly on the table top until the next careless event happens or its expiry date eventually passes by, rendering it useless. Instead of throwing money down the drain, put the Vaseline to good use by applying it on a soft toothbrush and start ex-foliating the lips. It is important to use a brand new toothbrush specifically for this purpose. Intriguingly, Vaseline can also function as a lip balm.
5.     Glycerin and Rose Water
Many celebrities have endorsed this exfoliation method for the lips. Mix rose water and glycerin together and dab this mixture continuously for roughly 3 minutes. The chemical properties of glycerin will help to ex-foliate the lips while rose water further enhances the shade of pink on the lips. Women who wish to achieve plumper lips can leave the mixture on overnight. Thorough absorption of the rose water helps to give the lips a more radiant look and appear plumper, eliminating the need to purchase thebest lip plumpersin the market.
Being one of the most sensitive areas of the body, the lips require extra attention to help it maintain its healthy condition and ever radiant appearance. As with every other skin care routine, it is essential to rid the skin surface of any stubborn impurities that can obstruct the absorption of vital nutrients. By perusing any of the 5 lips exfoliation methods above, it helps to promote skin renewal and enables the lips to readily ingest the nutrients. Fundamentally, exfoliation gives the lips a new lease of life and build a strong foundation to aid in future care and maintenance routines.

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Author Bio:

Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies from university of Arizona and live in Wasilla, Alaska. She always like to explore her ideas about health, fitness, beauty .Recently, she got an opportunity to work on best product for puffy eyes .She has experience researching as a passion as well as profession. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Auriga International Flavo - C Serum Review

Gone are the days when one needed anti-aging products for addressing only age related skin issues, but now we need them to tackle our day to day skin issues too, so it’s advisable to incorporate one according to your needs in your regime. The early you start the early you can tackle these issues well in hand before.

I’ll review this Vit C serum (Flavo – C Serum) by a Belgium based brand Auriga International. Read on further to find out the amazing benefit it offers.

Price - INR 1599 for 15 ml

Ingredients – Vit C and Ginkgo Biloba

Indications – Wrinkles, dull and irregular complexion.
Results – This serum containing a high concentration of Vitamin C in its active
form (L- Ascorbic Acid) and Ginkgo Biloba visibly reduces signs of ageing.
It smooths and brightens skin, giving it a more even tone.

Use – Apply to face and neck morning and evening before all other skincare.
Avoid contact with eyes.

My Take on Auriga Flavo – C Serum – This happens to be the first serum to find a place in my skincare Regime primarily because I never felt the need for any anti-ageing serum before but off late I have been observing uneven skin tone and some dark spots, so the best choice seemed to be a Vit C serum for some obvious reasons. So at a recent visit to my dermatologist I was advised to use Auriga Flavo – C serum, being an inquisitive soul I wanted to know more about it and its benefits. And then I was told that Flavo – C is has the most stable and highest concentration of Vit C ( L- Ascorbic Acid) and antioxidant ,which is great like getting both the benefits of Vit C and antioxidant in one bottle.

After having used it for quite some time I can probably tell that I did notice some visible changes like the uneven skin seems to be getting even, dark spots are fading gradually, my complexion looks healthy and bright. Since I don’t have any fine lines and wrinkles so I can’t talk about its benefits on those lines, however I am assuming that because Vit C is known to produce more collagen and thus smoothen your skin, the serum would definitely have a positive effect. Also the best part is the fact that it is suitable for all skin types and won’t cause any breakouts unless you are using it in required quantity (2-3 drops).

The color of the serum is orange -brown yet it doesn’t have a distinctive smell, instead it smells quite different I am not too sure how to explain that one. Talking about the texture it looks like oil based but it indeed is quite light, gets absorbed easily and non-greasy. Packaging is almost how a serum should be stored, an amber bottle with dropper cap.

Pros –
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • High concentration of Vit C  in stable form
  • Gets easily absorbed into the skin
  • Non greasy texture
  • Brightens up skin with consistent use
  • Convenient dropper bottle
  • Skin feels fresh and supple the next day
  • Helps to even out skin tone
  • Quite effective in diminishing dark spots
  • Using minimal quantity won’t cause breakouts

Cons –
  • Price seems exorbitant for the quantity offered

TBLP Rating – 4.5/5

Recommendations - I haven’t really used any serums before in my life but I am quite happy with the Results it offers. Besides this serum is the best in the market with the most stable and highest concentration of Vit C.

Soultree Aloe and Rose Water Cleanser Review

We all girls are always in lookout for the best cleansers and make -up removers
for our skin and we keep trying out each and every product until we find the
one which fits the bill.This exploration costs your skin many a times, so I
believe it is always safe to lookout for products which are natural, organic and
contain skin friendly ingredients. One such product I laid my hands on
seems to the fit the bill and has no such ingredients which tend to irritate
the skin.

This review is on one such cleanser cum make -up remover from a  brand
which manufactures cosmetics that are parabens, silicones, SLS/ SLES free
and the ingredients are natural and organic. The brand in picture is Soultree
and the review is on Soultree Aloe and Rose Water Cleanser.

Read on to know more :

Price - INR 295 for 120 ml

Ingredients - Check out the pic

Product Description - With its subtle floral notes this everyday face cleanser and
make- up remover cleans and protect your skin. Organic aloe and fresh rose water
is blended with extracts of organic licorice to give your skin multiple benefits.
It cools and heals skin, lightens sun tan and reduces blemishes with daily use.
Dab on the cleanser after a wash. Spread across  face and neck and wipe off with
cotton wool to remove dirt and make -up.

The Soul Tree Promise -  Our products are made with natural ingredients using
eco- friendly processes. They are free from harsh chemicals and have fresh and
abundant extracts of select organic herbs prepared in- house in true ayurvedic

My Take on Soul tree Aloe and Rose water Cleanser - 

I am not quite a fan of cream based cleansers and makeup removers as they
feel heavy and tend to break out my skin. So I was a little hesitant about trying
out this cleanser cum make - up remover but when I checked out the ingredients
I was pleasantly surprised by no use of parabens and silicones and other skin
irritating ingredients in the cleanser.

This sort of restored my confidence in trying out the product, and I must
happily admit that I like using this cleanser on the days when my skin
feels a bit dry and less hydrated as my skin is a combination type so
my skin responds to both cream based and water based cleanser, however
if you are someone who has dry skin throughout this cleanser would be a safe
bet. It not only removes your make -up effectively but cleanses your skin
inside out and keeps it hydrated too. When you apply it your skin feels
fresh and light, since the texture is not too greasy and heavy.

Also the fact that it is made from ethically sourced ingredients makes it a
safe choice, and it smells so fresh and natural unlike some ayurvedic
style cosmetics. If used consistently it may help lighten up blemishes
and spots as it contain organic licorice as an ingredient. But don't expect
overnight results as blemishes and spots take a little longer to fade away.
You would need two swipes to get rid of your face and lip make - up.
Since it doesn't mention that it can be used for eye make -up too, so its
better to avoid it on eyes.

I have been using it for a while now and its my second alternative cleanser
cum make -up remover and quite like the results.

After 1st wipe

Pros -
  • Free from parabens and silicones
  • Works as cleanser cum makeup remover
  • Free from lathering agents (SLS/ SLES)
  • Removes makeup as well as dirt effectively
  • Feels refreshing on skin
  • Did not break out my skin
  • Pleasant smell quite alike licorice
  • Ideal for almost all kin types
  • Convenient sturdy packaging
  • Easy availability
  • Can be used as a face wash too
  • Light non greasy texture
  • Certified natural by BDIH Germany

Cons -
  • Not meant for removing eye make - up.
TBLP Rating -  4.9/5

Recommendations - A big yes, coz not only it a great cleanser but what makes it
stand out is the fact that it has no harmful chemicals and the ingredients used
are ethically sourced from the wild and certified organic farms.

PS- Its a PR sample product, however the review remains as honest and genuine
as it can get.

DIY Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

Body scrubs form an essential and secret weapon in your beauty arsenal.
Usage of body scrubs is not just limited to any particular season, Infact
they need to find a place in your beauty shelf each season. Body scrubs
are an underrated beauty product which however slowly and steadily
seems to be catching popularity.

They offer multiple benefits from exfoliating your skin to keeping it
moisturized and baby soft. By exfoliating the skin not just they slough
away dead and dull skin, but also makes it super soft and nourished from
within.Incase you have not have incorporated any body scrub in your regime,
its time to include one and what better way to do it than trying out a DIY
Homemade Scrub.

In this post we share an amazing yet simple recipe to make your very own DIY
Homemade Coffee Scrub. Read on to know more :

You Will Need -

1. Coffee ( It will be used to give a nice rich color and aroma, also coz coffee is an excellent exfoliator )

2. Honey ( Honey will be used as it acts as a natural moisturizer )

3. Lemon Juice ( Lemon acts as a natural cleanser and helps in diminishing spots and marks due to its bleaching nature)

4. Brown Sugar ( It will be used as its going to be the base of this scrub, also coz it is naturally
good as a scrub and a coarse particle )

5. Green Tea Leaves ( They will give an added  dose of antioxidants and will double up as a natural
scrub particle )

6. Olive or Coconut oil  ( Oil is added to raise the moisturizing quotient and also coz it will preserve the scrub for a little longer )

7.  Glass Jar  ( To store the contents of the scrub, glass jar maintains the efficacy of the scrub )

Procedure -

Coffee -  ( Take 2tbsp of granulated or regular coffee powder in the glass jar)

Honey - ( Pour 2-3tbsp of  honey into the jar)

Lemon Juice ( Pour 1-2 tbsp of lemon juice in the jar)

Brown Sugar ( Take as much as it is required to fill more than half of glass jar that you will be using)

Green Tea Leaves ( Take 1 or 1/2 tbsp of the leaves and add them to the jar)

Olive Oil / Coconut Oil  ( Use either of these oils or take 50:50 proportion of each
and pour it in the jar)

After all the ingredients are placed in the jar, mix it well and your organic,
natural homemade scrub is ready to be used. It will last you for a week or
more, try and make it in small batches, you can take the desired quantity
of ingredients according to the size of your jar.

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