Aloe Veda Distill Therapy Anti Hairfall Shampoo Review

This is a second post on a sulphate free shampoo here at TBLP and it indeed
is worth writing and talking, one of such good benefits of this shampoo
(Aloe Vedas Distill Therapy Anti Hair Fall) is that it controls hair fall and
also vitalizes scalp to promote new hair growth. So its like a two in one shampoo
which not just controls hair fall but has no sulphates in it which are not good for
hair health in the long run. Find out more about this shampoo and how it fared on
our rating meter!!

Price - INR 260 for 200ml

Ingredients - see pic

Product Description - see pic

TBLP's Take on Aloe Veda Anti Hair fall Shampoo - I have been addicted to a
sulphate free shampoo from quite sometime and I must say I'm loving the results,
my previous shampoo was Rustic Art Aloe Shampoo which was great too however,
due to my hectic schedule and stress I was observing some hair fall so I needed a
shampoo which was sulphate and paraben free and also provides relief from hair fall
 and Aloe Veda came to my rescue. The benefits that a sulphate free shampoo offers
is that your scalp is less itchy, there's almost nil buildup on your hair and scalp, less
of hair fall and dandruff.

 This is an ideal shampoo if you are trying to tackle your hair fall from a long time
and the results are also quite evident after few weeks of usage. My hair fall has
reduced considerably and there is no more itchy and flaky scalp. The shampoo
has goodness of few essential oils like rosemary and lavender which promote
hair growth and maintain healthy scalp. It also has Vitamin E, Panthenol
and Biotin which are well known to check hair fall and promote new growth.

The aroma of the shampoo is so similar to lavender and rosemary and not the
typical herbal smell, the texture is lightweight and not too creamy could be
because of no sulphate or silicone. The only concern I have it with the
shampoo is that I cannot afford skipping conditioner after the wash as it
tends to make my hair a little frizzy though not dry. Also if you apply thick
and heavy oils like castor and mustard oil you might have to take two rounds
of shampooing coz it does not take off the oil in one go and this might cause
over shampooing if you are not using the right quantity of shampoo. I believe
since its an sulphate free shampoo it lathers a little less than the regular shampoo
but still manages to keep you hair clean and healthy. Its an all hair type shampoo
and will suit different hair types well.

So in the long run turning to a sulphate free shampoo is the best gift you can
give to your hair and trust me your hair will love you back.

Pros -
  • Good for all hair types
  • Keeps hair and scalp clean
  • Promotes hair growth due to presence of Rosemary and Biotin
  • Keeps hair fall in check
  • No itchiness and flakiness on scalp
  • Sulphate free yet cleanses well
  • No silicones and parabens
  • Smells so fresh of lavender and rosemary
  • Decent packaging
  • Fairly priced

Cons - 
  • Hair gets a little frizzy
  • Heavy oils are washed in two rounds

TBLP Rating - 4/5

Recommendation - If you haven't tried any sulphate free shampoo's yet and are
struggling with itchy scalp and hair fall this is the one you for you


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