Elle18 Black Out Liner Review

Elle18 Black Out Liner

There's a lot range of liquid eye liners in the market today but quite few are branded yet economical and one such liquid eyeliner which suits the bill is Elle18's black out liner.This is quite a promising liner offering lot of features at quite an affordable price.

Price - INR 65 for 5 ml.

Ingredients - contains rose water extracts.

My take on Elle18 black out liner - I quite like this liner as it is economical, water proof , has easy applicator brush,dark colored,stays for a longer time,contains rose water so safe on eyes.It is the best branded liner in this price segment in market.Other than nail pops this is first product i have used form Elle18 brand and i am quite delighted and satisfied with the liner.It does give a little glossy finish to eyes,is little thick but the brush applicator makes it easy to get the fine line on eyes.If I apply the liner in morning even by evening the liner seemed quite evident on eyes,must say quite impressive.Would like to try their eye sparklers and lip color pops too.

See swatch below( after applying)

See swatch below(after rubbing with little water)

What I liked - 

1. Very economical
2. Waterproof
3. Nice applicator brush
4. Dark colored 
5. Stays longer
6. Rose water extracts,safe on eyes
7. Easy availability

What I disliked -

1. Features not mentioned.
2. Less information on the bottle which makes it quite vulnerable to duplicacy.

Rating - 4.9/5 

All in all a great product, is a definite buy and a must have product for all age groups specially for college goers who are looking for a good product within their budget.
Let us know how did you find this liner,if you have already used it do share your feed backs.

Elle18 Black Out Liner
Reviewed by Himshikha Khati on May 20 2013
Rating: 4.9


  1. Hii, im using Ell 18 kajal wic is of the same price
    n ya it oso works out quite gud n economical

    1. Hi Marisa yes i agree Elle 18 has quite a good range of products and are economical! Haven't tried the kajal but keen on trying one soon!!

    2. hey
      thanks 4 ur review on da ell 18 eye liner, nw im feeling alot keen on using da ell 18 eye liner!! thankiee


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